Projects Driving Moose Jaw's Economy

MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PROJECTS Several multi-million dollar projects in the area are helping drive the local economy:

CANADIAN PROTEIN INNOVATION CPI plans to build Saskatchewan’s first wet pea fractionation plant using yellow cotyledon pea cultivars. CPI has a conditional offer to purchase 100 acres in Moose Jaw’s Industrial Park where it plans to build a wet pea processing plant. CPI will process 100,000 metric tonnes of field peas annually producing protein, starch, inner fibre, and fibre from peeling. The plant will also produce pulp, called wet feed. The company will be exporting into Asia and into the US.

Construction will start 2019 and be operational in 2021. The plant will be constructed in two phases with the first phase taking almost 18 months to build, and costing $65M with Phase 2 following within 2-5 years. The first phase will create 65 operational jobs. The second phase will create an additional 45-50 job. These are high paying industrial jobs that will attract skilled workers and their families to Moose Jaw. In addition, hundreds of in-direct jobs will be created in agriculture, transportation, hospitality, business services, finance and real estate sectors.

This level of capital investment will help sustain the local economy through population growth, spin-off business starts, increased housing activity, lower unemployment and increased consumer spending. Business optimism will improve while smaller local enterprises look to expand and as the number of households they depend on grows. Synergies with CPI’s operations will cause other industrial plants to locate in Moose Jaw. Saskatchewan Polytechnic will train ag-industrial workers.

K+S POTASH CANADA LEGACY MINE The mine is located 58 kilometers north of Moose Jaw, near the village of Bethune. This $4.25B solution potash mine became operational in 2017. K+S Potash Canada’s head office is located in Saskatoon.

 K+S, one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers with hundreds of opportunities, including: industrial mechanics, instrumentation mechanics, electricians, pipefitters, welders, and power engineers. Production positions will be of interest to those with skills training plus previous industrial experience. It is expected that many of these new employees will live in Moose Jaw giving them the opportunity to live close-to-home while working in the resource sector, a big plus for mine workers who want to remain near family and friends.

CP RAIL SPUR (TO K+S) CP is constructing a multi-million dollar 30-kilometer rail spur from Belle Plaine to the Legacy site. KPCL was awarded the major grading contract; this is one of the largest earth moving projects in Western Canada with completion expected by fall 2017.

City of Moose Jaw Infrastructure A $120M 20-year cast iron and infrastructure replacement program project construction started in 2016. Streets, roads, bridges, sanitary sewer systems and replacement of the pipeline to Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant ($29.3M) are other infrastructure pieces slated for upgrades.

$27M CIVIC CENTRE PLAZA Is open for business with Phase II construction completed, adding 70,000 square feet of new commercial retail space to local inventory in 2018, including a new Sobey’s liquor store.

SASKPOWER’S NEW $260M DOUBLE-CIRCUIT 230-KILOVOLT TRANSMISSION LINE FROM PASQUA switching station just east of Moose Jaw to the Swift Current switching station. The power line will be approximately 223 kilometers long and will create 200,000 person hours of work. Replacement of aging power lines and adding a second conductor will increase capacity. Line construction began in 2017.

FARMERS OF NORTH AMERICA’S GENESIS FERTILIZER DISTRIBUTION SUPER CENTRE BELLE PLAINE - $24M The company is building a supercentre with plans to add a fertilizer manufacturing centre in the future. The supercentre is a 52,000 tonne facility to provide area farmers with nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, potash micronutrients and various liquid blends. The facility includes state of the art blending capabilities and will be able to load eight Super-B trucks per hour. There are plans to build a railcar load and unload. Genesis has hired Stueve Canada Limited as contractors for the project starting spring 2017.

PROPOSED RICHARDSON INTERNATIONAL $1M FERTILIZER MIXING PLANT The company plans to build a fertilizer mixing plant near Pasqua in 2017.

PROPOSED $140M UPGRADES TO THE BUFFALO POUND WATER PLANT The Cities of Moose Jaw and Regina announced plans to improve and expand the plant over the next ten years; cost of the electrical upgrades is roughly $40 million. The City of Moose Jaw owns a 26% share in the facility while Regina holds 74%.

PROPOSED SASKPOWER COMBINED CYCLE GAS GENERATION FACILITY Moose Jaw Industrial Park is one of two short listed sites for a proposed 350mW - 700mW combined cycle gas generation plant slated for construction by 2022. The locations are Belle Plaine and Moose Jaw Industrial park with the final site selection set for early 2019. The power generation facility will be powered by a new natural gas line and is expected to employ 500 people during construction and 40-60 jobs after. The demand for electricity is growing and this plant will help meet that demand. The combined cycle natural gas plant will be built with the capacity to use wind power and other renewable sources as they become available. The plant can increase and decrease the output fairly quickly and that allows SaskPower to deal with the wind slowing down. The CO2 emissions are half the rate as a coal fired facility.

PROPOSED AGROCORP/MACKSUN JOINT VENTURE 10MW SOLAR FARM SaskPower’s RFP for a 10mW solar facility was not awarded to Moose Jaw, however a subsequent 10mW proposal has been submitted for the original site. If the alternate proposal to build Saskatchewan’s first solar farm on the west side of the city is successful then construction could start in the summer of 2019.

PROPOSED ENBRIDGE LINE 3 REPLACEMENT PIPELINE In late 2016, the Prime Minister announced approval of both the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement and Kindermorgan’s TransGas Mountain Expansion. The Line 3 Replacement Pipeline will run northwest of Regina with potential for spin-off to Moose Jaw during the construction of 1,073 kilometers of pipeline which will replace the majority of Line 3 crude oil pipeline, and to decommission the majority of the existing Line 3 from Hardisty, Alberta to Gretna, Manitoba.

PROPOSED KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE TransCanada application its $8B Keystone XL pipeline was approved by the US President but still requires several state-level permits before construction can begin. This pipeline will ship Alberta oil sands production into the US and use pipe manufactured by Evraz in Regina. The project is estimated to create 2,200 jobs during the construction phase – a win for both countries.

TransCanada is one of the continent’s largest providers of gas storage and is developing one of North America’s largest liquid delivery systems.

ALTERNATE ENERGY STRATEGY With the heightened awareness of the impact of greenhouse gases, depletion of oil and gas reserves, increasing dependence on unreliable, costly oil supply, and increasing demand for energy, there is growing interest in Alternative and Renewable Energy. This industry sector has great implications for the

Moose Jaw region with the many advantages relating to alternate energy, including solar, wind, geothermal, and Biomass (from our strong agriculture industry). Moose Jaw and region are committed to sustainability and have identified a need for economic development strategies to take advantage of this alternate energy cluster strategy through the engagement of industry. This will ensure growing opportunities are realized. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines clusters as “production networks of highly interdependent businesses (including specialized providers), united to each other in a production chain that adds value.” By working together to overcome barriers, it makes it easier for businesses and government to unite efforts and resources to achieve common vision and objectives relating to alternate and renewable energy opportunities. Moose Jaw has many strengths relating to an alternate energy business environment.

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